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My Name is Dixon Pai, very simple yet a complicated man. I have a bit of A.D.D and Peter Pan syndrome, you will see it in my post. These are just photos, songs, quotes that come to/from mind and some of my quotes come with a quick drawing, drew by me. Happy Following :)

I have wonderful girlfriend, that i love a lot
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    Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)

    Rose Pauson House, Phoenix, Arizona, 1939-1941

    The Rose Pauson House is one of many tragic losses in Frank Lloyd Wright’s career. Despite taking nearly 3 years to design and build, the house lasted only 1 year. It burned in a catastrophic fire in 1943.

    After the fire, the stone ruins persisted on the prominent Phoenix hillsite for over 30 years. Covered in tags, the area was called “Ship Rock.” The ultimate desecration of the site occurred when the ruins were moved to a nearby housing development to become the entrance sign for “Alta Vista Estates” (bottom photo).

    (via aashilwashere)

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